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An online gathering interested in culture, education, kids, entertainment, sports, cooking, medicine, politics, economics, technology, design, programming ...

site owner : sa7ab.info is an integrated information network that includes a set of various services (as stipulated by law with respect for property and copyright), created in: 2020 AD, by : DooC.NET The purpose of the website : We seek through this network to provide services and useful information and useful and public information in the field of knowledge and quality in the world, as it meets the interests and needs of visitors and members alike. Our site is a micro-global community that includes different cultures through a set of services on which it depends, far from bias and racism... On this site you will find: comedy, cartoon, sports, cultural, news, radio, magazines, scientific encyclopedias and research centers, a space for entertainment, cooking and kids .... Our website is a collection of files and related resources that can be accessed across the World Wide Web. These files and resources are organized and collected under one domain name (sa7ab.info). And other types of files. Our website is located on what are known as web servers that are actually spread in different locations around the world, where the website is accessed via the Internet using one of the web browsers available on the user’s device, by entering the address of the site in the address bar The browser to go to, and if you do not know the URL address of the site; You can search for this site using one of the search engines on the Internet with keywords such as: Sa7ab info or Sa7ab Network. Multimedia and interactive content Our website contains text, images, audio and video. JavaScript is also integrated to make the site more efficient and responsive. The responsive design of our website gives you the best viewing experience as it provides a device-based layout for the users. This website change their layout according to the device or mobile platform giving a rich user experience. This website is interactive allowing interaction between the website owner and website visitors or users. Website ownership All rights to sa7ab.info under the law, and it is the owner of the following domain : https://sa7ab.info Contact us : You can contact us by clicking on the Contact Us link available in our website links or via the following email: mail.sa7ab@gmail.com

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