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If you need to view and edit files with source code, written in any common programming language, script language or markup, and you need to have a support of all modern features like code formatting, syntax highlighting, highlighting of matching parentheses, code blocks folding/unfolding, customizable presentation, export to HTML and so on, and all this for free and without installing any software, then the online GroupDocs Source Code Editor is exactly what you need! With our online Source Code Editor, which is absolutely free and doesn’t require registration, you can easily drag and drop the required file on upload form, edit the source code right here in the browser, and then download the edited version in order to save it locally. Source Code Editor provides the next features, which are common for all modern IDEs: Syntax highlighting for over 110 languages. Highlight matching parentheses. Folding/unfolding code blocks. Automatic formatting, including indent and outdent. Beatification of code or markup. Lots of light and dark themes. Full-text search. Displays hidden characters and print margins. Line wrapping. Export code with preserving its formatting to HTML. Downloading the original and edited files. Another advantage of the Source Code Editor is its web-based nature; because of this it is absolutely portable and multi-platform — you only need a usual web-browser without any plugins, and no matter on which platform you’re using it: desktop PC or smartphone, Windows, Linux, or macOS, Android or iOS. The interactive editor allows you to run PHP code directly on our servers and see the result. Write your program code in the text field and execute it (if the cursor is still in the text field, you can press F9 and the code will be executed directly). You can run almost all code in the editor, but for security reasons, for example, writing files is disabled. Certain functions are also deactivated. With the result you can switch between a view with HTML and a view without HTML. HTML Online Code editor Write, Run Share HTML code online using OneCompiler's HTML online Code editor for free. It's one of the robust, feature-rich online Code editor for HTML language, running on the latest version HTML5. Getting started with the OneCompiler's HTML compiler is simple and pretty fast. The editor shows sample boilerplate code when you choose language as HTML. You can also specify the stylesheet information in styles.css tab and scripts information in scripts.js tab and start coding. About HTML HTML(Hyper Text Markup language) is the standard markup language for Web pages, was created by Berners-Lee in the year 1991. Almost every web page over internet might be using HTML. HTML Elements and Attributes HTML element is everything present from start tag to end tag. The text present between start and end tag is called HTML element content. Anything can be a tagname but it's preferred to put the meaningful title to the content present as tag name. Do not forget the end tag. Elements with no content are called empty elements. Elements can have attributes which provides additional information about the element. In the below example, href is an attribute and a is the tag name. CSS CSS(cascading style sheets) describes how HTML elements will look on the web page like color, font-style, font-size, background color etc. Example: Below is a sample style sheet which displays heading in green and in Candara font with padding space of 25px.HTML Tables HTML-Javascript Javascript is used in HTML pages to make them more interactive. script is the tag used to write scripts in HTML You can either reference a external script or write script code in this tag. PHP tester allows to test PHP code Online without install. You can test your code easily and quickly. You can test PHP 8 :) You can test PHP MySQL with PDO, and also test PHP Sodium (PHP 7.4.8 and PHP 8 Only). To execute your code, you must copy and paste, drag and drop a PHP file or directly type in the "PHP code" online editor below, and click on "Run" button.

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